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 Small guideline for during the runs

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Small guideline for during the runs Empty
PostSubject: Small guideline for during the runs   Small guideline for during the runs Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2008 4:31 pm

A small general guideline for "what to do" during the runs, since we've been having alot of new members in a short period of time and things were reorganised to satisfy the higher demands (dual farming zones).
  • The run leaders are Tillaert and Mynas. Unless specified otherwise before the run, you listen to their orders and follow them, not someone else.
  • Do not randomly engage monsters, always assist the tank.
  • In addition to the above, do not engage slept monsters, turn auto target off, assist the leader.
  • Keep the number of tells to people during a run to a minimum, since we all need to focus on our own job.
  • When farming different zones, each team is appointed a chatmode, either /cm l or /cm p, to avoid confusion in commands. Please stick to your cm during that run.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or complaints, please keep them for after the run (exception: if shit hit the fan and you have a solution, don't hesitate but say it right away so the leader can react).
You can either send the leaders a civil PM or make a constructive post about it on the forum.
  • Comments about strategy/schedule go to Mynas
  • Comments about members go to Tillaert

We are there for a reason, but we're human too, with our own limits in attention span. We want to ensure that things go smoothly and enjoyable for everyone ^^. We appreciate your feedback and we like to know how we can improve this linkshell, but for everything there's a right time and a right place Smile.

Thank you for your understanding

Small guideline for during the runs Grappigqu0

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Small guideline for during the runs
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