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 Dynamis general rules of conduct

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Dynamis general rules of conduct Empty
PostSubject: Dynamis general rules of conduct   Dynamis general rules of conduct Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 3:54 pm

  1. We gather together half an hour before the event is to start, this is to ensure that we can enter in a timely fashion so future runs will not be delayed due to a late entry.

  2. PLDs will be asked to form a party asap, consisting of a WHM, RDM or BRD and DD. BLMs team up in a seperate alliance. In case there are "leftover people", they will be asked to make their own party and be invited to an alliance.

  3. Everyone sets his #1 and #2 comment (#1 being fixed for a 70 job, #2 that is fixed only for that run for a 70 job) as soon as possible. When I announce I go over comments, you can not change your comment anymore. If you are not sure I have seen your comment (if you just editted it when I announced it or if you arrived late) send me a tell with your comment, I will verify it as soon as possible.

  4. A comment is supposed to look like this:

    MemberX: #1 SAM
    #2 WHM
    This means to me that MemberX wants to lot on SAM as his main job and wants to lot on WHM as his secondary job and that he has those jobs at level 70 . In case the same member wishes to pass on an equipment piece or can not lot on his #1 / #2, the following must be shown:

    Memberx: #1 SAM -Have/Pass-
    #2 --
    This means to me that MemberX does not wish to lot on his #1 Relic and does not have a priority set for a secondary job.

  5. All members (not leaders) are requested to put up their glass in their bazaar for 1 gil as soon as they have entered. You are given 15 minutes to put up your glass, late comers have to put it up asap. The reason for this is to ensure that AF / coins are not lost due to some members being AFK / remove AFK members from the battlefield in case they went AFK in a "bad spot". (e.g.: In the puller's route for boss pulls).
    The reason leaders do not put up their glasses is because they know where to AFK and in case they need to AFK at the end of the run, they know that they just have to drop their glass. Also, in case the person who's assigned to lot on coins dc's, other leaders lot those and hand them over as soon as possible.

    Only leaders buy glasses. If a member is reported for having bought a glass to boot another member out, that member will be suspended.

  6. If you can not lot a relic, pass it. Keep an eye on the linkshellchat for who is elligible to lot.

  7. Going AFK during the run is not a huge problem, given that it does not take too long (5-10 mins), you have announced it in ls chat / sent a tell to a leader when you're afk and when you're back, you are AFK in a safe spot and can find your way back to the group without getting aggro. Going AFK before the boss is not done, going AFK at the last 5 minutes is not done either.

  8. We usually stop at the last 5 minutes before we get booted out. Everyone will be asked to pass coins/ AF and drop his glass.

  9. Failure to abide by our general rules of conduct will be penalised, depending on the severity.

Dynamis general rules of conduct Grappigqu0

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I printed the first map and draw lines between the dots.
Its no butterfly and i cant guess whats it supposed to be, superman? a tank? an elefant? Znozzy thats shouting for thf relic?
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Dynamis general rules of conduct
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